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Adam McKay was born on 1968-04-17 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. His net worth is $40 Million. He is American born Film director,Television Director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Actor. He has been seen in movies The Big Short 2015 Anchorman: The Legend o... 2004 Step Brothers 2008 Ant‑Man 2015 The Other Guys 2010.

Facts of Adam McKay

Full NameAdam McKay
Net Worth$40 Million
Date Of BirthApril 17, 1968
Age52 years 7 months
Place Of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height1.96 m
ProfessionFilm director,Television Director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Actor
EducationPennsylvania State University, Temple University, Great Valley High School
SpouseShira Piven (m. 1996)
ChildrenPearl McKay, Lili Rose McKay
AwardsAcademy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, Writers Guild of America Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, WGA Award for Best Comedy/Variety - (Including Talk) Series - Television, Best Sports Movie ESPY Award, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Adapted...
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Director, Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay - Motion Picture, BAFTA Award for Best Direction, Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Feature Film, AACTA International Award for Best Direction, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing - Variety ...
MoviesThe Big Short 2015 Anchorman: The Legend o... 2004 Step Brothers 2008 Ant‑Man 2015 The Other Guys 2010
TV ShowsBig Lake, Funny or Die Presents
TwitterAdam McKay Twitter
Google+Adam McKay Google+

Quotes of Adam McKay

1[observation, 2013 on Roger Ebert] How much we miss him. He wrote the worst review of anything I've ever done. And it was so great! We don't care. When you do comedy, you get impervious to good and bad reviews. It was 'Step Brothers' and he claimed it was 'the sign of the end of Western civilization'.
2[on performing comedy] Well, you kind of start with the premise of 'it makes us laugh', and there's a bit of checking in with the crowd. Will [Ferrell] and I write our own sense of humor. We've been doing it for a long time so there is some adjustment going on that we're not conscious of. There's some awareness that there's an audience that is going to see it. You're not completely out there. You put it up and, much like horror -in horror and comedy - the audience really has to go with you. So we don't mind losing 'em for stretches. We don't mind throwing something at 'em that they outright don't like, but that you want them to be with some of the movie.. You pick your moments to go 'Screw the audience' and you pick up you moments where you need the audience. You're trying to do something that's still something that makes us laugh, for this part where we need the audience. That's the game of comedy.
3[on 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues'] With sequels you often see these inflated test scores. I said, 'I don't ever want this movie to get over a 90'. I want 10% of the crowd NOT to like the movie'. You want the majority to be into it, but that was literally our mission. Let's not get too lovable with this. Let's make sure we sing a love song to a shark. We open our movie with a shark attack. It's not standard storytelling.
4[paying homage to vintage comedies] Scattershot, ensemble comedy in which it's all different kinds of comedy - it's absurd, it's edgy, it's dry - that's my favorite kind of stuff. 'Airplane!' was the one for me. I was in sixth grade, and I remember going to see that movie seven times and just tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. 'Boy Trapped in Refrigerator Eats Own Foot' - I've had conversations with numerous people who say that joke was a turning point in their life.
5Sequels are desperate. We're cooler than that. We kind of thought, 'Wait a minute. If we do a sequel, we'll have enough cred from the first movie that we could do crazy-ass shit. We won't have to establish new characters and story and jump right into what we want to do.' The second part was, 'Can we make a good sequel?' There are a lot of flat comedy sequels...'Can we make a sequel that doesn't suck?'

Quick Facts of Adam McKay

1$2,000,000 (screenplay)
2Directed 1 actor to an Oscar nomination: Christian Bale, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Big Short (2015).
3Friend of Paul F. Tompkins and Jay Johnston.
4With wife Shira Piven, has two daughters, Lili Rose McKay and Pearl McKay.
5Was a student of Del Close's at the IO Theater.
6As a college student he was a stand up comic and once had a guy throw a bottle at him while on stage.
7His daughter, Pearl McKay, is featured in two short films with Will Ferrell - The Landlord (2007) and Good Cop, Baby Cop (2007). The films share the common theme of toddler Pearl ruthlessly bullying Ferrell.
8He is an Alumni from the Famous Improv Olympic along with actors Vince Vaughn, the late Chris Farley, Ossie Beck, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Mike Myers.
9On the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) commentary, he pretended he was a producer of the movie named "Aaron Zimmerman".
10Brother-in-law of Jeremy Piven. Son-in-law of Byrne Piven and Joyce Hiller Piven.
11Although his work at Saturday Night Live (1975) was mainly as a writer and director, he made several appearances on the show, usually as an over-sized, obnoxious audience member who heckles the host or cast members until the stars verbally or physically attack him. McKay had auditioned for Saturday Night Live (1975) as an actor, while he was still with the Second City Improv but didn't make the cut as on camera talent. But, he had submitted four scripts to the show which had gotten him hired as a writer.
12Throughout 2000 and 2001, McKay made several short films for Saturday Night Live (1975). Actors such as Steve Buscemi, Willem Dafoe, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Patrick McCartney, Jerry Minor, Tracy Morgan, Chris Parnell, Andy Richter, Horatio Sanz, Molly Shannon and Ben Stiller have appeared in his SNL shorts. In 2004, McKay directed his first full feature film, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), which he co-wrote with Will Ferrell.
13An alumni of the Second City Improv Company in Chicago.
14Was one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe.

Trademarks of Adam McKay

1Frequently works with Will Ferrell
2Often begins his movies with a quote

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