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Christopher John Matthew was born on December 17, 1945 at Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Christopher John Matthew net worth is $20 Million. Christopher John Matthew is American born News anchor, Political commentator, Journalist, Talk show host, Author, Actor. Christopher John Matthew has been seen in movies State of Play, Man of the Year, State of Play, Man of the Year.

Facts of Christopher John Matthew

Net Worth$20 Million
Date Of BirthDecember 17, 1945
Age74 years 6 months
Place Of BirthNicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Weight103 kg
ProfessionNews anchor, Political commentator, Journalist, Talk show host, Author, Actor
EducationUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, La Salle College High School, College of the Holy Cross, Washington University, Temple University, Villanova University, Howard University
SpouseKathleen Matthews (m. 1980)
ChildrenThomas Matthews, Caroline Matthews, Michael Matthews
ParentsMary Teresa Matthews, Herb Matthews, Mary Teresa Matthews, Herb Matthews
SiblingsJim Matthews, Bruce Matthews, Herb Matthews, Charlie Matthews, Jim Matthews, Bruce Matthews, Herb Matthews, Charlie Matthews
NicknamesChristopher John Matthews , Christopher Matthews , Chris Mathews , Christopher J. Matthews , Christopher John "Chris" Matthews
AwardsAbraham Lincoln Award, John F. Kennedy Memorial Award, Pennsylvania Society's Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement (2005), Honorary Doctor of Letters (2014, University of Rochester)
Music GroupsHeadless Chickens
MoviesState of Play, Man of the Year, State of Play, Man of the Year
TV ShowsHardball with Chris Matthews (1997), The Chris Matthews Show (2002-2013), Morning Glory (2010), Morning Joe (2007)
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Quick Facts of Christopher John Matthew

1$3,000,000 /year (2009)
2(December 1, 2014) Announced (with picture shown on screen) on his television show, Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997), the birth of his first grandson, and second grandchild overall, by his son Michael Matthews, and daughter-in-law Sara. The baby's name is Brendan (middle name not given) Matthews.
3Longtime good friend of Joe McGinniss.
4Re-visited Sub-Saharan Africa over the New Years 2013/2014 period with his wife Kathleen Matthews, his son Thomas Matthews, and his daughter Caroline Matthews, and discussed and showed various pictures from the trip on various broadcasts of Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997) in January and February 2014.
5He announced on the February 5, 2014 broadcast of Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997) that the Hardball program will be supporting a new charity, Bornfree Africa, an AIDS charity dedicated to the eradication, in Africa, of mother to child transmission of HIV during the period from pregnancy to delivery to breast feeding, through use of a new drug which prevents transmission from mother to child during this period as long as the mother takes the medication once daily. The support of this charity and their mission was discussed with John Megrue, the Chairman and CEO of Bornfree, as well as the charity's affiliation with the United Nations, and support from Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.
6New York City, NY, USA: A book signing party for "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked" on October 16 at the Club Room at P.J. Clarke's Restaurant/Lincoln Square in Manhattan, with Mort Zuckerman, Editor Joy-Ann Reid, the New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg, Dan Rather, former Pennsylvania Governor 'Ed Rendell', MSNBC's 'Thomas Roberts', new MSNBC host Ronan Farrow, President Richard Wolffe, MSNBC President Phil Griffin, and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke in attendance. [October 2013]
7Minneapolis, MN, USA; New York, NY, USA; Boston, MA, USA and other cities: book signings and readings of his new book, "Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero." [November 2011]
8October 3, 2013: Boston, Massachusetts, USA to speak and to promote his book: "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked." [October 2013]
9San Francisco, CA, USA: October 7 and 8 for the promotion and signings of his new book, "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked" and also doing his show, _Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997)_ remotely, from the studios of the local NBC affiliate. [October 2013]
10Los Angeles, CA, USA: October 9 through October 11 for the promotion and signings of his new book, "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked" while doing his show, _Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997)_ remotely, from the studios of KNBC, the Los Angeles NBC affiliate, and also appearing on _The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1993)_ on October 10 and _Real Time with Bill Maher (2003)_ on October 11. [October 2013]
11Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA: Announced on the September 30, 2013 edition of his television show, _Hardball with Chris Matthews (1996)_ that he will be speaking at Cooper Union, Cooper Square & Astor Place, East Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. [October 2013]
12(2007-2015) Living with his wife, Kathleen Matthews, in Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA.
13Appeared with his wife Kathleen Matthews on his show, Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997) on October 1, 2013, "turning the tables," as has in previous years during the Christmas-New Years period, allowing her to interview him, not as in the past about the previous year in politics, but this time for her to interview him about his new book, "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked," and comparing relations between the President (Reagan) and the Speaker (Tip O'Neill) to the present situation and government shut down. As he has many times, Matthews managed to refer to his wife as "The Queen" in the last sentence before the end of the segment.
14Has stated on air, that due to his most recent (2013) contract extension with MSNBC, he will still be "sitting in this chair," doing Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997) through at least the 2016 election cycle, which includes the next presidential election, at which time he will be seventy-one years young. [2013]
15Frequently refers to his wife, Kathleen Matthews, on-air, as his (or as the) 'Queen,' especially for many years, annually in late December, when Kathleen comes on his show to do a turnabout segment where she interviews him about political happenings and trends for the preceding year, or about his books. For the first time in many years, Kathleen did not make an appearance on his show at the end of 2014.
16Was hospitalized with malaria in 2002, evidently contracted on one of his frequent visits to Africa. Has referenced having diabetes on air on several occasions, including the Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997) episode broadcast on December 7, 2009. The two times he has mentioned his diabetes in 2013, he has specifically stated that it is "Type 2 Diabetes.".
17In 2008 and 2009, flirted with a run for the 2010 Democratic nomination for the US Senate, to the seat then held by Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, before extending his contract and commitment with MSNBC.
18After the Capitol Police, served on the staffs of various members of Congress, including firstly, US Senator Frank Moss of Utah (the last Democrat to represent Utah in the US Senate), and later, US Senator Edmund Muskie, Democrat of Maine.
19With a lifelong interest in politics, especially national politics, his first job in the political universe, after serving in the Peace Corps, was as a US Capitol Police Officer.
20Attended graduate school for economics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and thereafter, from 1968-1970, was a 'trade development advisor' with the United States Peace Corps in Swaziland, which he frequently mentions on air.
21Attended college at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, graduating in 1967.
22He has lived in both Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (during his childhood), and in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he lives with his wife (and as of 2015 has lived for about 20+ years), in the town of Chevy Chase, which he frequently mentions on air.
23In 1974, ran unsuccessfully for the 4th congressional district seat of Pennsylvania, losing in the primary.
24Attended La Salle College High School, an independent, predominantly lay Catholic staffed, college prep school for boys located in Wyndmoor, a suburb of Philadelphia in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
25Has at various times referred to himself on air as both a liberal and a conservative, including votes for Republicans George W. Bush in the 2000 US Presidential election and Michael Steele (later Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and present MSNBC analyst) in the 2006 Maryland US Senatorial election, and for Democrats Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential elections, and Chris Van Hollen, the US Representative for the 8th district of Maryland.
26Life imitates art: son Thomas Matthews is a regular cast member of The Newsroom (2012), a television show about a national news show, and where Chris Matthews serves as a consultant to the producers and writers.
27(May 29, 2012) Announced (with multiple pictures shown on screen) on his television show, Hardball with Chris Matthews (1997), the birth of his first grandchild, a girl, by his son Michael Matthews, and daughter-in-law Sara. Her name is Julia Ravenell Matthews.
28Brother, James R. "Jim" Matthews is a Republican politician from Pennsylvania. He was formerly an elected member of Montgomery County, PA Board of Commissioners. He was the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in 2006, as Lynn Swann's running mate, losing to Governor Edward Rendell.
29Father of Michael Kerry Matthews (born 1983) and father-in-law of Sarah Staveley-O'Carroll (born 1981).
30His brothers are Herb, Jim, Charlie and Bruce.
31Formerly a print journalist who was a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle.
32After working for President Carter, was a senior aide for then Speaker of the House Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill, for six years during the administration of President Ronald Reagan.
33His wife, Kathleen Matthews, was a news anchor with WJLA-TV, the Washington, DC ABC affiliate. They have three children: Michael, Thomas Matthews, and Caroline.
34Former speech writer for President Jimmy Carter.

Trademarks of Christopher John Matthew

1Frequently compares political situations to movies and television shows.
2Forever being "wired" (longtime Comcast description of his show)
3His loud, on-air exuberance, and interrupting his guests

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