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Elizabeth Montgomery was born on 1933-04-15 at Los Angeles, California, U.S.. Her net worth is $5 Million. She is American born Actress. She has been seen in movies The Legend of Lizzie Borden, A Case of Rape, Johnny Cool, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?, Sins of the Mother, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Mrs. Sundance, Act Of Violence, Dark Victory, Second Sight: A Love Story, When the Circus Came to Town, Amos, Belle Starr, A Killing Affair, The Corpse H....

Facts of Elizabeth Montgomery

Full NameElizabeth Montgomery
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthApril 15, 1933
Age87 years 1 months
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Height1.72 m
EducationSpence School
SpouseRobert Foxworth (m. 1993–1995), Spouse William Asher (m. 1963–1973), Former spouse Gig Young (m. 1956–1963), Former spouse Frederic Gallatin Cammann (m. 1954–1955)
ChildrenRebecca Asher, Bill Asher, Robert Asher
ParentsRobert Montgomery, Elizabeth Bryan Allen
SiblingsRobert Montgomery Jr., Martha Bryan Montgomery
AwardsTV Land Superlatively Supernatural Award
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie, Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Se...
MoviesThe Legend of Lizzie Borden, A Case of Rape, Johnny Cool, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?, Sins of the Mother, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Mrs. Sundance, Act Of Violence, Dark Victory, Second Sight: A Love Story, When the Circus Came to Town, Amos, Belle Starr, A Killing Affair, The Corpse H...
TV ShowsPassword Plus and Super Password, Challenge of the Super Friends, Bewitched, The Eleventh Hour, Armstrong Circle Theatre, Saints and Sinners, Frontier Circus, The Tab Hunter Show, DuPont Show of the Month, Suspicion, Warner Bros. Presents, Appointment with Adventure
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Quotes of Elizabeth Montgomery

1I was never bored on the set, not one minute for 8 years was I bored. Does that sound so disgustingly Pollyanna you can hardly stand it? Because it's not. It was like going to college for 8 years and taking an in depth course in what you really wanted to do. So it was very, very exciting for me, I mean I learned a lot of stuff, a lot.
2[when asked if it's hard to juggle working and raising kids] Yes it is, and as a result, I will never win any Mother of the Year awards, I hope I'm getting better. Everybody I think, parents and kids have to grow up together. Nobody can really ready you for motherhood whether you work or whether you don't. Parenting is probably the toughest job anybody's ever had, and I'm haven't been really good at it, but like I say, I think I've gotten better.
3[on her father's reaction to her wanting to be an actress] He told me 'If that's what you want to do, you're gonna really want to have to do it because there's no room out there for some gutless wonder wandering around, you know, there are too many talented people'. And he said it's one of the most horrifyingly, ego-blasting, destructive, awful, businesses that you can possibly get into, and he said 'I really wouldn't really wish it on anyone I care even a little bit about'. So knowing he cared more than a little bit about me, I thought 'Whoops, this is really tough a one'. However after that conversation, he did say to me that when it is rewarding and it is good, it is such a high you can't imagine it, and he's right.
4[commenting on Tabitha (1976), the spin-off of Bewitched (1964)] First of all, I didn't see the show, but I heard that she [Lisa Hartman] didn't twitch as well as I did. I kept getting mail from people were who outraged, saying, Where is Erin Murphy? What in the world (is going on)?! This woman is 25...this doesn't make any sense.' I was getting mail from people like it was my fault, although also saying, 'Thank God you didn't have anything to do with this.' They felt betrayed. I thought, 'How can you be betrayed by a TV show?' But they were irate. I got almost as much mail about that as I get about anything else. It was very funny...ranged from kids who hated it to grownups who said, 'This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.'
5Like most people, I secretly hope that it's true - that there are witches like Samantha, and that families like hers really do exist.
6The minute someone says, "Oh God, you could never do that; you can't get that kind of stuff on the air!" . . . that's the kind of stuff I want to do.

Quick Facts of Elizabeth Montgomery

1Her ex-Bewitched (1964) co-star, Erin Murphy, is 1 month older than one of Montgomery's children, in real-life, whose name is: William Asher Jr.
2Acting mentor and friend of Erin Murphy.
3On a couple episodes of Bewitched (1964), she was pregnant with two children, retrospectively, in real-life, she was pregnant, twice more, within 4 years, with Robert and Rebecca.
4When her Bewitched (1964) co-star, Dick York, had serious health problems, between the third and fifth seasons, she and co-star, Erin Murphy became more concerned about him, who left the show, after the fifth season.
5Friends with primarily everybody on the Screen Gems lot: Shirley Jones, Dave Madden, Dick York, Dick Sargent, Sally Field, Don Porter, Agnes Moorehead, Maurice Evans, David White, William Asher, Kasey Rogers, Shirley Booth, Alice Pearce, Jonathan Harris, Marion Lorne, Harry Ackerman, Bernard Fox, Mabel Albertson, Alice Ghostley, Paul Lynde, Richard Michaels, Bernie Kopell and Sandra Gould.
6She was known to be a very private person.
7Several obituaries listed her as single and age 57 when she was actually married to Robert Foxworth and age 62. Her death certificate listed her name as Elizabeth A. Montgomery though her middle name was Victoria.
8Was the only cast member to appear in all 254 episodes of Bewitched (1964).
9Gave birth to her 3rd child at age 36, a daughter, Rebecca Asher, on June 17, 1969. Child's father is her 3rd husband, William Asher Jr.
10Is only 3 days older than Jayne Mansfield. Montgomery was born April 15, 1933, and Mansfield was born April 19, 1933.
11Gave birth to her 1st child at age 31, a son, William Asher Jr., on July 24, 1964. Child's father is her 3rd husband, William Asher Sr.
12Gave birth to her 2nd Child at age 32, a son, Robert Asher, on October 5, 1965. Child's father is her 3rd husband, William Asher Sr.
13She was a staunch liberal Democrat and feminist who was an activist for LGBT rights.
14She was two months pregnant with her first child, son William Asher Jr., when she filmed the pilot episode of Bewitched (1964), _I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha_. She returned to work two months after giving birth to resume filming the 1st season. The same situation was when she was eight months pregnant with her second child, son Robert Asher - she took maternity leave from filming the 2nd season and returned to work two months after giving birth.
15Was 7 months pregnant with her third child, daughter Rebecca Asher, when she took maternity leave from filming the 6th season of Bewitched (1964). Returned to work one month after giving birth.
16In a parody of her "Samantha Stephens" role, she made a cameo appearance as a witch at the end of the beach party film, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965), directed by her then-husband, William Asher.
17Stepmother of Bo Foxworth.
18Older sister of Robert Montgomery Jr..
19Elizabeth Montgomery and Lizzie Borden were sixth cousins once removed, both descending from 17th-century Massachusetts resident John Luther. Rhonda McClure, the genealogist who documented the Montgomery-Borden connection, said, "I wonder how Elizabeth would have felt if she knew she was playing her own cousin.".
20Turned down the role of "Krystle Carrington" on Dynasty (1981).
21She fell in love with director Richard Michaels during filming of the eighth season of Bewitched (1964), and moved in with him when the season was complete. This broke up both their marriages and ended the possibility of a ninth season. The relationship lasted two and a half years.
22Was a grand marshal with former TV husband Dick Sargent at the 1992 Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade. Elizabeth was a supporter of gay rights and also women's rights throughout her life.
23Received a posthumous star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on January 4, 2008.
24Best remembered by the public for her starring role as Samantha in Bewitched (1964). When they were trying to figure out a trademark for the character Samantha, the director William Asher noticed that when she got nervous, she twitched her upper lip, which caused her nose to follow and thus gave the impression she was twitching her nose. Thus, they used that.
25A 9 foot bronze statue of Elizabeth as Samantha Stephens riding sidesaddle on her broomstick now resides in a downtown park in Salem, Massachusetts, home to the infamous witch trials of the 17th century.
26Montgomery spent weekends and summers at the family farm in upstate Patterson, New York. Often referenced in episodes of Bewitched (1964) as "Patterson Garage" or "Cushman Cosmetics", Cushman Road is the rural, dirt road on which the several hundred acre Montgomery estate is located.
27Appeared on The Flintstones (1960) episode, The Flintstones: Samantha (1965), providing the voice of a cartoon version of her famous Bewitched (1964) character, "Samantha Stevens".
28Ranked #52 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women"(1995).
29She died on the same day as her Johnny Cool (1963) co-star Elisha Cook Jr..
30Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 422-423. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
31She lost out on the part of Edie Doyle in On the Waterfront (1954) to Eva Marie Saint. Director Elia Kazan, in his autobiography "A Life," says that the choice of an actress to play the part was narrowed down to Montgomery and Saint. Although Montgomery was fine in her screen test, there was an air of finishing school about her. Kazan thought this genteel quality would not be becoming for Edie, who was raised on the waterfront in Hoboken, NJ. Despite qualms about 30-year old Saint playing a teen, she was cast in the part and won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.
32She was a sister of Robert Montgomery Jr.. She also had an older sister, Martha Bryan, (born October 13, 1930), but she died of spinal meningitis at the age of 14 months, before Elizabeth was born.
33Daughter of Elizabeth Allen and Robert Montgomery.
34She died 8 weeks after being diagnosed with colon cancer and was cremated.
35Children with William Asher: William Asher Jr. (b. July 24, 1964), Robert Asher (b. October 5, 1965) and Rebecca Asher (Rebecca Elizabeth Asher) (b. 17 June 1969).
36She and Robert Foxworth lived together for nineteen years before finally marrying.

Trademarks of Elizabeth Montgomery

1Deep, sultry voice.
2The role of Samantha Stephens on Bewitched (1964).
3Blonde hair, green eyes.
4Nose twitch

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