Kelly Macdonald Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth

Kelly Macdonald is a Scottish actress who came to the spotlight after her role in the movie film series Trainspotting.

Kelly Macdonald’s Bio, Age

Kelly Macdonald was born on February 23, 1976, in Glasgow, Scotland. She is British and her ethinc background is white.

What is Kelly Macdonald’s Height?

Kelly Macdonald has a height of 5 feet 2.8 inches and weighs 57 kg. Her hair color is brown and has black eyes.

What is Kelly Macdonald’s Net Worth?

As of 2020, She has a net worth of $8 million.

Social Media: Indtagram

She hs 2.4K followers on Instagram. However she is not active on Twitter and Facebook.

Facts of Kelly Macdonald

Full NameKelly Macdonald
Marital StatusDivorce
Net Worth$8 Million
Date Of BirthFebruary 23, 1976
Age45 years 7 months
Place Of BirthGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Height5 feet 2.8 inches
Weight57 kg
ProfessionActress, Soundtrack
SpouseDougie Payne
ChildrenTheodore, Freddie
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
IMDBKelly Macdonald IMDB

Quotes of Kelly Macdonald

1I love that thing on Amazon that you can go on and order a book, and you click on it and it says, 'You might also like,' or 'Other people who bought this have bought that.'
2I tend to get cast as a certain type of quiet, almost introverted person who's strong on the inside, but the characters are so very different I don't see it as any kind of typecasting.
3It's that TV thing. You can be in the biggest film of the year and it will still not have the kind of impact a TV series has. Once you're in people's living rooms, that's it. There's no hiding place.
4They're naughty, all those writers - they mess around with people. I know James Gandolfini got a bit fed up on 'The Sopranos': if he said anything in front of a writer, told them a story from his life, it could make its way into the script.
5It was both comforting and terrifying to go in to audition for 'The Girl in the Cafe,' as I'd worked with everyone in the room on 'State Of Play.'
6L.A. is brilliant, but however long my trip is I'm always ready to leave. But New York I'm never quite happy to see the back of.
7What I'm normally associated with are darker, more brooding roles.
8A few years ago, if you had told me I'd be moving back to Glasgow I'd have said, 'No way'. But it's changed. It's much more vibrant, bohemian. But I'm 35 and I've become a bit of a homebody, I don't really go out much. Same in New York. My home could be anywhere but I love Glasgow.
9I don't lobby where work is concerned. As long as I know I've got something coming up, I don't really worry. It's not that I'm not ambitious, but I don't have a drive to be hugely successful and be working all the time.
10I get claustrophobic in a harness. I'd be a terrible superhero.
11I'm no good at anecdotes.
12I'm so not a celebrity.
13I've done TV and I've done film, and I'm not snobby about it. It's about the project.
14It can get a bit boring working on accents.
15[on Trainspotting (1996) in 2012] I was uncomfortable with the explicit nudity. I was in denial, head in the sand about that day's work. I just nodded my head and agreed and got along with it. But nudity's out now. You won't even get me in a bikini on set, frankly. Yeah, I was 19. It was a different body, a different life.

Quick Facts of Kelly Macdonald

1She was the last person to be cast in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011). Subsequently she was the last person ever to join the large cast of the 'Harry Potter' story.
2Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 36, a son Theodore William Payne on December 8, 2012. Child's father is her husband, Dougie Payne.
3Gave birth to her 1st child at age 32, a son Freddie Peter Payne on March 9, 2008. Child's father is her husband, Dougie Payne.
4For her role on Boardwalk Empire (2010), she was named one of the "8 Actors Who Turn Television into Art", in the cover story of The New York Times Magazine (9/11/11).
5Returned to work six months after giving birth to her son Freddie in order to begin filming Skellig: The Owl Man (2009).
6Was two months pregnant with her son Freddie when she completed filming on Choke (2008).
7Trainspotting (1996) was released on Kelly's 20th birthday.
8Auditioned for roles in The Matrix (1999), Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Moulin Rouge! (2001).
91999: Named as one of European films 'Shooting Stars' by European Film Promotion.

Trademarks of Kelly Macdonald

1Scottish accent
2Her talent with accents

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