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Ludivine Sagnier was born on 1979-07-03 at La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France. Her net worth is $3 Million. She is French born Actress.

Facts of Ludivine Sagnier

Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 3, 1979
Age41 years 2 months
Place Of BirthLa Celle-Saint-Cloud, France
Height1.6 m
PartnerKim Chapiron
ChildrenBonnie Duvauchelle, Ly Lan Chapiron, Tam Chapiron
SiblingsDelphine Sagnier
TV ShowsThe Young Pope, Napoléon
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Quotes of Ludivine Sagnier

1When I was in my 20s, I thought that being known for 'Swimming Pool' was kind of a burden. Like, OK, everyone thinks I am this tanned bimbo and I was having problems coping with that image. And now that a lot of things have happened in my life personally, I feel so much more detached from these kinds of fears and I feel that it's a charm actually, not a burden. Having a movie that lasts and makes your image imprinted into the history of cinema, it's very positive.
2(2011) Swimming Pool was a very important moment for me because the character was written for me. I had done two other movies with the director [Francois Ozon]. He wanted to offer me a great part. I think why the movie did well is that it's a very good movie, and because Americans love crime fiction. Also, it's quite charming-the locations, the South of France-and, of course, because there was a lot of sensuality and nudity in the movie, it's true. It did quite well. I really like the memory of this movie because it also brought me international exposure. It helped me to travel around a lot. That's a movie that gave me a lot of opportunities. I'm very proud of this one. And, it's true; I got bothered with a lot of questions about nudity. But it's funny, because in America there are a lot of contradictions about sexuality. At the same time you're not allowed to show a nipple on screen, but when you watch video clips, it's about sexuality all the time, and all the girls are in swimsuits and doing all kinds of sleazy stuff. I was kind of surprised to have this image when I arrived, but then I understood all of those contradictions, so I just dealt with it. The only thing I had to go through was after that, the only offers that I had were to play bimbos. And I didn't really want that, because the character of Julie was a total composition. She was the real South of France bimbo. I had worked on that tan and I worked out in order to look that way, and I thought I didn't want to be the next sexual attraction, so I turned down a lot of offers related to that.
3(2011, on A Secret) That one was quite a hit in France because it's based on a true story and the book was a bestseller. I really enjoyed doing this movie because usually I am the one-the beautiful girl who is the one that seduces men and all that-but in this story, I was the cheated wife, shady, complex. I'm not the one that shines. I was really thankful to the director, Claude Miller, to give me such a part.
4(2011, on The Devil's Double) I didn't think I had enough roots to legitimately play an Iraqi girl. At the beginning, I didn't really want to do it, but the director, Lee Tamahori, convinced me. I thought the movie was so special and the story was so original, that I had to be part of it. Even though it was the sexy girl part again, I didn't care. It was a good experience to go through no matter what. Having the privilege to watch Dominic Cooper at work, who was doing both characters, was amazing.
5I don't do nudity for fame or to become popular, because that only lasts so long. Look at Brigitte Bardot...she's become a fascist and hates everyone.
6[on performing naked on-camera] "I'm much more confident in front of a camera, hidden by a character, enhanced by makeup, so I can go much further than I can in real life. Being naked is quite a natural thing, but it's more the sexual situations. Sexual acting is painful, because even though you're pretending, you have the skin of the person in front of you, and it's not the skin you wish you had. After that you run into the shower to get rid of everything. I felt really dirty after I filmed all of this. It is difficult, but even if you're self-conscious in real life, when you're hidden behind a character you can bare much more."
7Hollywood is a wonderful machine for making big movies. In France, we make smaller and more personal films, but if things keep changing this will disappear. The industry in Italy is practically gone. Cinecitta now is used mostly by filmmakers from others places, like Martin Scorsese.
8It's impossible to explain to people who you are in a five-minute interview on TV.
9The French have their double standards. For example, I don't think anyone in France could make a movie like Larry Clark's Bully, because he combines sex and violence and humor. And, recently, there was this photo of Christina Aguilera on the magazine covers, where she was naked from the back, wearing only a G-string. The French were shocked ... and called her bad names. It was a scandal for two weeks.
10I don't need much money to live the way I live in Paris. I'm only 23 and I don't have great material needs, but I do have big artistic ambitions...
11" I'd say people recognize me but having children recognize me is the best. It is a very special thing. Suddenly you feel like you have the power to make the children's dreams come true and it's better than anything else." on being recognized as Tinkerbell.
12I don't act to be popular, or see my face on the cover of magazines every time I go out to get coffee. I don't want to think about me all the time, and what I look like.

Quick Facts of Ludivine Sagnier

1Shooting La Californie (2006) in the south of France. [August 2005]
2Second daughter, Ly Lan (b. 3 January 2009). Child's father is her boyfriend Kim Chapiron.
3Good friends with Robinson Stévenin.
4Has supported Lionel Jospin's 2002 presidential campaign.
5French citizen.
6Has been acting since the age of 10.
7Daughter, Bonnie (born 25 March 2005). Child's father is her ex-boyfriend Nicolas Duvauchelle.
8Has a sister: Delphine Sagnier.
9Favourite actress is Liv Ullmann.
10P.J. Hogan decided to engage her (for the role of Tinker Bell in Peter Pan (2003) after having seen her performance in Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes (2000) by François Ozon.
112001: Named as one of European films' Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion.
12Has a scar on her lower abdomen as the result of a peritonitis operation. During the operation, the doctors found a tumour on her stomach. Luckily, the tumour was benign and was also removed. No complications derived from it.
13She performed in two films in competition at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, La petite Lili (2003) and Swimming Pool (2003).

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