Marla Maples

Marla Maples was born on 1963-10-27 at Dalton, Georgia, United States. Her net worth is $20 Million. She is United States of America born Actor, Presenter, Film Producer, Model. She has been seen in movies “Spin City”, “The Nanny”,“Happiness”,“Maximum Overdrive", “Black and White”, “Executive Decision”.

Facts of Marla Maples

Full NameMarla Maples
Net Worth$20 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 27, 1963
Age57 years 0 months
Place Of BirthDalton, Georgia, United States
Height5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
ProfessionActor, Presenter, Film Producer, Model
EducationNorthwest Whitfield High School
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseDonald Trump (m. 1993–1999)
ChildrenTiffany Trump
ParentsStan Maples, Ann Maples
NicknamesMarla Maples Trump , Marla Ann Maples
Albums“The Endless”
Movies“Spin City”, “The Nanny”,“Happiness”,“Maximum Overdrive", “Black and White”, “Executive Decision”
TV Shows“The Will Rogers Follies”, “Love, Loss and What I Wore”, “WrestleMania VII”, “Contact Talk Radio”
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Quotes of Marla Maples

1If we could have somehow stayed away from the public and the press, it might have been different, but every private issue seemed to be played out on the front page.
2When I was 18, I joined the Screen Actors Guild, and after college I came to New York.
3When that man wants something, he'll stop at nothing to get it. And I also believed in the good of him.
4I'm happy to have had everything healed. We're fine.
5Tiffany is very proud to have the last name and she's proud of her dad.
6Donald and I still really wanted to be together, but I was fighting to keep what we had privately, and once the world gets involved in your life, little by little it breaks it down until you forget what it was in the first place.
7He's part of the product and will make no bones about creating that image to bring the value up in his product, bring the value up in everything he touches.
8I was holding a reserve inside all along. When you're with someone as powerful as Donald, you have no choice. You can get lost within that power if you're not careful.
9I met Donald Trump in '85. I ran into him several times throughout the years. We knew we had this connection, but it wasn't appropriate timing. So we'd spend a lot of time on the telephone. By '88, I knew I truly loved this guy.
10I think what he loved about me the most was that I wasn't part of that world. But once we were together publicly, he wanted to change me into that social animal.
11I went to work. That was a turning point. When you have to do eight shows a week and your name is on the marquee, no matter what is going on at home or what's on the cover of the newspapers, you've got to do your job.
12I'm not a big believer in a thing called luck. I believe it has a lot to do with fate and just really having a vision of the way you would see your life.
13When we separated, I did not want to get in a slugfest. I had to take the high ground.
14This relationship is going to be built on trust.
15What was a really private and nice relationship was judged and made to be something ugly.
16I was made to believe there was a plan in place for ending Donald's previous marriage. I pulled away because I wanted to allow him the time to deal with his wife.
17I've always modeled myself after Ginger.
18I look back at old photographs and videotapes, and I go, Who was I trying to be? Who was I doing this for?
19I was homecoming queen. I was star of my basketball team.
20My personal life was fair game. And that's what hurt me.
21Every story was being made up. My true friends weren't the ones speaking. It was people who never knew me, making up stories. Even my local paper put a $1,000 bounty out for information about my whereabouts.
22The problem with losing your anonymity is that you can never go back.
23I created a production company. Right now I am so happy in my work.
24I finally said, I can't live being carried by this wake.
25He works his business and manipulates and keeps himself in front of the world.
26I have a little baby. She knows who I am. My friends know. My family knows.
27I don't think he cheated on me. During the marriage, I think he was there.

Quick Facts of Marla Maples

1Was born in Dalton, Georgia, as was Deborah Norville.
2Appeared on the infomercial, hosted by James Arthur Ray, for his "Harmonic Wealth" audio study course. [2008]
3Former stepmother of Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump (mother is Ivana Trump).
4Played varsity basketball in high school.
5Was the first to win the Miss Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest in 1983.
6Distant cousin of Heather Locklear.
7Daughter, Tiffany Trump, with ex-husband Donald Trump.
8Formerly engaged to Michael Mailer (in 1999).
10Miss Georgia runner-up [1983]

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