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Robert Wagner was born on 10 February 1930 at Detroit, Michigan USA. Robert Wagner net worth is $15 Million. Robert Wagner is American born American stage, screen, TV actor. Robert Wagner has been seen in movies "The Happy Years" (1950), “Austin Powers”, “The Pink Panther”, “Beneath the 12 mile Reef”, “A Kiss Before Dying”, “Between Heaven and Hell”, “Sail A Crooked Ship”, “The War Lover”, “Titanic” (1953).

Facts of Robert Wagner

Full NameRobert Wagner
Net Worth$15 Million
Date Of BirthFebruary 10, 1930
Age90 years 4 months
Place Of BirthDetroit, Michigan USA
Height1.8 m
ProfessionAmerican stage, screen, TV actor
EducationSanta Monica High School
SpouseJill St. John (m. 1990), Natalie Wood (m. 1972 - 1981), Marion Marshall (m. 1963 - 1971), Natalie Wood (m. 1957 - 1962),
ChildrenKatie Wagner, Courtney Brooke Wagner
ParentsHazel Alvera Wagner, Robert John Wagner Sr.
SiblingsMary Wagner
AwardsPeople's Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series
NominationsEmmy Award for Best TV Actor, Golden Globe awards
Movies"The Happy Years" (1950), “Austin Powers”, “The Pink Panther”, “Beneath the 12 mile Reef”, “A Kiss Before Dying”, “Between Heaven and Hell”, “Sail A Crooked Ship”, “The War Lover”, “Titanic” (1953)
TV Shows“It Takes A Thief”, “Switch”, “Hart to Hart”,"Two and a Half Men", "Hart to Hart" (1979-1984), "Switch" (1975–78)
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Quotes of Robert Wagner

1[If Eddie Albert was instrumental with Switch (1975)]: To work with Eddie, he was a tremendous actor, had a tremendous background, and he loved acting. And when Larry did the Switch (1975) with us, he can tell you that Eddie Albert was a tremendous person to work with.
2[Of Eddie Albert]: In almost all respects, he was an admirable man. But with his life experiences, Eddie wasn't fazed by things like stealing scenes, and he could be a bit devious and scratchy at times - about his character, his wardrobe, everything. Basically, he wanted to play both his part and mine, and sometimes he stole scenes for the hell of it. In his heart of hearts, he would have been very happy if 'Switch' had been called 'The Eddie Albert Show.' That said, I've always had affection for a theatrical rogue, and Eddie and I got along fine, mostly because if Eddie was going to steal scenes, so was I. Game on! For three years, we had a very pleasant competition.
3[When he defined Eddie Albert, who starred with him on Switch (1975), about his longtime friend's real-life experience as a lieutenant in the Navy, prior to becoming a young movie star]: Eddie Albert was an interesting man who possessed what could legitimately be termed a big set of balls. Before World War II, he was a contract actor at Warner Bros. when he had an affair with Jack Warner's wife, Ann. One time they were making love when Jack walked in and discovered them. As Jack told me, 'I didn't mind that so much; it was the fact that he didn't stop that bothered me.' Well, that little episode got Eddie blacklisted for a while.
4[on his on- and off-screen chemistry with Eddie Albert, who played Frank MacBride on Switch (1975)]: Eddie was a very, very accomplished actor, I admired him tremendously. We had great fun together. I knew his wife, Margo, and before we worked together, and it was really an enjoyable time. We worked together for about 4 years on that. I really enjoyed it, I had a great deal of respect for Eddie, I thought the world of it.
5[on dating Elizabeth Taylor]: It was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain.
6My daughters are my pride.
7[on wife Jill St. John]: Jill is very bright, very caring, and has what I can only call a gift for life . . . Jill has always been there. You can't ask for more from any human being. Plus, there is the fact that she's loving, and caring, a wonderful wife, 100 percent for me.
8[After Natalie Wood's death in 1981]: Jill St. John didn't try to put the lights on the Christmas tree; she was just there for me. I was shattered. I don't think our relationship could have gone anywhere until I put those pieces together again; and with Jill's help, and a lot of other people's help, I started to do that. It's still [as of 2009] in progress. But I'm very happy at the moment. I'm more down to who I really am. It's important to enjoy life as it comes and be able to see without tears in my eyes.
9I should have realised our marriage could have gone on a bit longer if she'd gone into therapy. Of course there was work to do in our relationship, but I wanted her attention to be with me and I thought this was another thing that would take her away from me. I was wrong. But when you are young you don't have that kind of perception. I wanted her to be with me. I wanted to be the one that could help her."After the divorce I had to work on myself. I was a very jealous person and I had to address that.
10[When Natalie Wood began dating Warren Beatty]: I wanted to kill that son of a bitch . . . I was hanging around outside his house with a gun, hoping he would walk out. I not only wanted to kill him, I was prepared to kill him. [A friend talked Wagner into going into psychoanalysis, instead.]
11[on writing his memoir, "Pieces of My Heart"]: I had a difficult time letting it go. I had such anxiety about it.
12[In 2009, on late wife Natalie Wood]: I have talked to her on occasion - let's just say I feel her presence.
13[Regarding his grief about the 1981 drowning of wife Natalie Wood]: When Natalie died, I was embittered. I still get angry about it and I wonder why it had to happen. I have all those feelings of grief and anger that people who've lost someone they love always have. I had lived a charmed life, and then I lost a beautiful woman I loved with all my heart.
14When I can't sleep, I'll start thinking about how many shows I've done, count up the number of television shows and movies.
15My wife was a Bond Girl, so I play James Bond in real life every day.
16[on his daily routine with wife Jill St. John]: We get up in the morning. I feed the birds. My wife feeds me. Together we feed the animals.
17[on wife Jill St. John]: She's always been magical with me.
18Life isn't full of 'what ifs'. Only 'what is'.

Quick Facts of Robert Wagner

2His paternal grandparents were German and his maternal grandparents were Norwegian.
3Is a staunch conservative Republican.
4His acting mentor was the late Eddie Albert.
5Was originally going to star with Victor Mature and Debra Paget in The Proud Ones (1956).
6Will play Michael Weatherly's character's father in NCIS (2003).
7His wife Jill St. John, his deceased former wife Natalie Wood, and his Hart to Hart (1979) co-star Stefanie Powers were childhood friends and attended ballet classes together as youngsters.
8Had a long association with Eddie Albert, his co-star in Switch (1975), and who was said to be one of his childhood heroes.
9Became friends with Fred Astaire, long before he co-starred on It Takes a Thief (1968).
10Dedicated his autobiography, "Pieces of My Heart" to his mother and sister, daughters Katie Wagner and Courtney Wagner, stepdaughter Natasha Gregson Wagner and to his wife, Jill St. John. He thanked them for being, "the meaning of his life".
11He was awarded 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard and for Recording at 7001 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
12Spokesman for the Senior Lending Network and the Guardian First Funding Group.
13For many years, his bungalow at Universal Studios was a stop on their tour. He was an important star at the studio with a successful run of three television series. Lucille Ball, another star with a long run of success on television had the same bungalow and tour stop prior to Robert Wagner.
14His first acting break came when one of his friends took him to Warner Bros. to meet the head of casting. After an interview and a reading, he was told that the studio would use him in two or three bit parts coming up in the near future. Two days later a strike postponed all production plans, so it was back to school for Robert Wagner.
15When he was seven, his family moved to Los Angeles, where Wagner attended military academies and The Harvard School. In 1949, he graduated Santa Monica High School as Senior Class President.
16The son of a wealthy steel executive.
17On September 21, 2006, he became a grandfather for the first time when his oldest daughter with ex-wife Marion Marshall, Katie Wagner, gave birth to her son, Riley John.
18Cooperated with Gavin Lambert (author of the novel and screenplay Inside Daisy Clover (1965) that starred Wagner's late wife Natalie Wood on Lambert's 2004 biography "Natalie Wood." A friend of Wood's, Lambert believed that Wood's memory was sullied by the tabloid headlines generated by her tragic death, with the result that no one remembers his friend as a human being, and so wrote the book to correct the public's misconceptions about Wood.
19Is portrayed by Michael Weatherly in The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004). He later portrayed Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., the father of Weatherly's character Tony DiNozzo, on NCIS (2003).
20After being submerged at one point in an industrial strength foaming agent during the bathtub scene in The Pink Panther (1963), went blind for four weeks. The studio wanted Wagner replaced, but director Blake Edwards stuck by him and he finished the picture.
21Wagner's wife, Jill St. John starred in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971) which also featured his late former wife's real-life sister, Lana Wood. During a photo shoot of former Bond Girls in 1999 for Vanity Fair magazine, an altercation occurred between Wood and St. John when photographer Annie Leibovitz asked for a picture of them together. Reportedly, St. John was so adamantly opposed to the idea that it reduced Wood to tears. Her publicist, however, said it was he who vetoed the photo because Wagner would prefer his present wife not be shot with his former sister-in-law.
22Former brother-in-law of Lana Wood.
23He sued Aaron Spelling Productions for $20 million in June 2000, charging that he was cheated out of profits on the Fox series Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990). He claimed that he was entitled to profits as part of a ten-year-old settlement between producer Aaron Spelling and Fox that gave Spelling the right to produce "Beverly Hills, 90210" in exchange for "Angels 88", a never-produced series in which Wagner had a stake. According to the suit, the conflict dates back to 1973 when he and his wife, Natalie Wood, made a deal with Spelling to submit ideas for pilots to ABC. One idea that the couple submitted led to the show Charlie's Angels (1976). Following the terms of their deal, Spelling, Wagner and Wood equally shared profits from the series. In 1988 Spelling developed a new series, "Angels 88". According to the terms of their contract, Wagner was to receive 7.5% profit participation -- whether or not he rendered services. Fox committed to the series, without his knowledge, and then reneged, giving Spelling "Beverly Hills, 90210" instead. Since Spelling was given "Beverly Hills, 90210" in exchange for an asset in which Wagner had an interest, Wagner claimed that he is entitled to the same profit participation on "Beverly Hills, 90210" as he had on "Angels 88". The suit alleges breach of contract and fraud and seeks 7.5% of gross profits from "Beverly Hills, 90210" as well as damages of not less than $20 million.
24He and wife Jill St. John have appeared in seven movies together: Banning (1967), How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1967), Around the World in 80 Days (1989), The Player (1992), Something to Believe In (1998), The Calling (2002), and Northpole (2014). They also appeared together in episodes of Hart to Hart (1979) and Seinfeld (1989).
25Best known as Jonathan Hart on the television series Hart to Hart (1979).
26Father of Katie Wagner (b. 1964) with Marion Marshall and Courtney Wagner (b. 1974) with Natalie Wood.

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