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Rory McCann is a Scotland-based on-screen character just as an artist. He is most broadly known for his depiction of the character Sandor Clegane in the mainstream HBO TV arrangement Game of Thrones. He is likewise a painter who used to gain his living as a scaffold painter. Since his presentation in acting, he has established a long term connection in the business.

Rory McCann Bio, Age :

Conceived on the date 24 April 1969, Rory McCann was conceived in Glasglow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was raised alongside his sister Sally-Gay McCann. His sister was conceived in the year 1972 when he was simply matured 4. She as of now works in the Costume and Wardrobe Department of Games of Thrones.

Rory McCann went to the Scottish School of Forestry for his underlying training. He was then prepared by the essayist craftsman Robert Parsifal Finch to act. Incorporated into The Actor’s Workshop in Glasglow, he was prepared completely as an on-screen character there.

What is Rory McCann’s Height?

Rory McCann has a height of 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 95 kg. Other than this there is no information about his other body measurements.

Rory McCann Career, Game of Thrones :

Rory McCann first began his acting vocation in the year 1988. He went about as an additional in the film-Willow. Afterward, he was terminated in light of the fact that he had been snickering a lot amid the takes. He additionally showed up in a promotion for Scott’s Porage Oats wearing a vest and a kilt. Mccann’s first official first significant acting job was as a crippled fitness coach in the TV parody dramatization The Book Group. This was in the year 2002 and he additionally won the Scottish BAFTA grant for this job.

After his underlying introduction, Rory McCann played the character of Detective Inspector Stuart Brown in the TV arrangement State of Play, Peter the Great, and furthermore in Peter in Paradise. He additionally assumed the job of a minister in a British show arrangement called-Shameless. The arrangement proceeded to win a few honors.

At long last, in the year 2004, he made his true to life debut in the film Alexander. The entertainers in this film were made to experience the training camp in the African desert. The film was a noteworthy achievement and he increased worldwide acknowledgment.

Again in the year 2007, he assumed the job of Michael Lurch Armstrong in the film Hot Fuzz and furthermore as Moby in the film The Crew. In the year 2011, he was given a role as Sandor “The Hound” in the well known HBO TV arrangement Game of Thrones as a colleague of Tyrion Lannister.


Other than these, he assumed jobs in numerous movies. He showed up as Fergus in coming soon, as Goon in Pasty Faces, as Eric in The Devil’s tattoo and furthermore as Sam in Young Adam. In the year 2006, he assumed the job of a policeman in the film Sixty Six.

Rory McCann played a few additional movies like-Season of the witch, Slow West, Clash of the Titans, The Crew, Solomon Kane and so forth. McCann additionally showed up in numerous TV indicates like-Randall and Hopkirk, London’s Burning, State of Play, Heroes and Villains, Banished, Rockface, Monarch of the Glen, Shameless and so forth.

Who is Rory McCann’s Wife?

Rory McCann is known for carrying on with his life in a single way. He is single and claims his reason that he moves about so much that he truly can’t bear to get appended. His sister Sally-Gay McCann works alongside him as an ensemble and closet division in Game of Thrones just as Alexander. In the year 1990, McCan was engaged with a lethal mishap when he tumbled down while shake climbing.

This occurred in Yorkshire and he had a few broken bones. Luckily, there were no enduring impacts and he recuperated totally. McCann is additionally one of the front man of a band called Thundersoup. He can play the instruments-piano, banjo too the mandolin. No further insights concerning his own life and feasible arrangements have been unveiled.

What is Rory McCann’s Net Worth?

Rory McCann has made a decent income from his successful career. At present, he has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Is Rory McCann active on Instagram, Facebook?

Rory McCann is active on Instagram and Facebook. He has 21.5k followers on Instagram and has 5,453 followers on Facebook.

Facts of Rory McCann

Full NameRory McCann
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthApril 24, 1969
Age52 years 2 months
Place Of BirthGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Height6' 6" (1.98 m)
SiblingsSally-Gay McCann
NominationsScreen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
MoviesHot Fuzz, Slow West, Alexander, Clash of the Titans, Young Adam, Solomon Kane, Beowulf & Grendel, Season of the Witch, Sixty Six, The Crew
TV ShowsHeroes and Villains, Rockface, The Book Group, Game of Thrones

Quotes of Rory McCann

1I'm single because I move about so much that I can't really get attached.
2If I had a long-term partner, I don't think I'd be an actor. It'd be too much of a strain; you have to work too hard to balance that life with a family and a mortgage and all that stuff - it would be too much.
3I'm on my boat, training, rehearsing; I spend all my energy on the job that's coming up, and I found that's the way that works for me. The more energy you have on set, the better you'll be; it's all about being alive in that moment and listening.
4I was a lumberjack for years, a pub bouncer, I've sung in a band; in fact, I still sing, and I even trained myself to be a tree surgeon.
5In the business I meet some beautiful women, but to be honest, 80 per cent of them are raving lunatics and are to be avoided. It's just insecurity; actors are generally quite insecure. I wouldn't date, or I've never had a fling with an actress, and I'd quite like to keep it that way.
6I don't have a mortgage, I don't have a wife and I don't have kids, so I'm quite happy bumbling along.
7I'm a man's man. I go out climbing and live outdoors.

Trademarks of Rory McCann

1Towering height

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